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Social Content

// Social Video

One of the fantastic advantages of social media marketing is the ease at which you can get content out there and critically, doesn’t have to have the production cost of a commercial to do it’s job.
Digital advertising is only increasing and it’s one of the primary ways to garner not just audience engagement, but the most cost-effective way to push brand awareness.

Taking a “simple-is-slick” approach, our aim for this style of video is to create lots of little bites of content that is created in a small amount of time (several days) but published over a longer period (1-2 months), giving a brand or business a back catalogue of relevant marketing content.

whilst a business or brand may not feel they need someone in-house to produce content, that’s where a content creator can step in to produce, create and prep the content for your marketing team.

Check out a few case studies below!

//Retainer Packages

For those who want something more flexible to the changing landscape of their business, a retainer package would be the best approach to get the most bang for your buck.

Creating a tailored package that can incorporate a variety of video/photo/graphics, the projects/shoots can be produced across a small period, such as a month or two or booked periodically throughout the year giving flexibility to the marketing needs of your business,

If you love the idea of producing marketing content in bulk with a cost-saving approach, get in touch and lets find out how we can shout louder about your brand!

depending on what content you need, were happy to provide bespoke quotes for 1 / 3 / 6 / 12 month packages.

// Def Leppard

Alongside shooting for a tour documentary throughout 2018 and earlier this year, I also regularly shot and edited social content for the band’s social platforms. Whilst their Instagram has a active presence, there was noticeable increased engagement on the platform with this original content being used.
Below are a few of my favourites pieces throughout the tour and recent Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Cermony week.
due to us wanting to keep the audience feeling like they are “live” with us, the majority of the content produced was online within 24 hours.

// Meadowhall Sheffield

Here is some halloween-themed content that was produced for Meadowhall to advertise the halloween-inspired make-up collections launched by the brands. There was quick turn-around on these projects, (shot on a thursday, delivered friday afternoon) being delivered and online within 24 hours of the shoots, which capiltised on the predominantly younger demographic that visits the location on a weekend.

// Revival Beds

Got some pre-existing content you want to re-work and remix into something else?
Did just that for these bite-size videos for Revival Beds. These videos took pre-existing photography and video footage and combined them to create simple but effective profile videos that sit alongside some of their BED profiles on their website, injecting bit more life than just stills and words on a page.
the videos were predominatly used on the brand’s social platforms to engage customers to get in touch for a free brochure.